Product Overview

Master Payroll performs the most tedious monthly processes for salary calculation. It is a useful system that allows viewing pay history, change personal details; submit time sheets without chance of errors in data entry.

Master Payroll in Malaysia is the most effective and efficient system for HR and payroll management and calculation that turns complex responsibility into easy mode. It can efficiently perform payroll function of the entire organization.

Payroll is our core business that streamlines payroll process while capturing business information about your entire workforce. Our software solutions increase efficiency in data management.

Mater software for Payroll in Malaysia is simply the most effective and most efficient system to manage your payroll and HR needs. Our payroll management system comprises of HR, payroll, time, attendance and reporting tools.

Software Features

The service elements for Master Payroll solutions include:

  • It performs Core payroll processing
  • It assists in time, attendance and leave management
  • It generates pay-slips
  • It can generate country specific and regional reporting.
  • It helps in generation of general ledger
  • It maintains employee profiles
  • It monitors employee work performance
  • It auto calculates annual leaves balance
  • It is suitable for overtime calculations
  • It allows posting to Master accounting
  • It allows access right control
  • It provides audit trial inquiry
  • It auto deducts loan installment in the Employees’ Pay
  • It allows fast tracking in a time saving and cost efficient way
  • It produces compliance statutory reports for government bodies
  • It avoids over budget for employee salaries and training expenditures
  • It keeps interview record, loan record, advance record, claim record, training and leave record.

Our payroll software is capable of performing various payroll functions. If you want easy access to employee information that might include appointment letter, ID and other scanned documents, choose master Malaysian payroll software for business efficiency. It also allows exporting reports directly to MS EXCEL. We guarantee quality software solution for payroll in Malaysia that can play a great role in managing payroll tasks efficiently.

Master Payroll Standalone (32 bit / 64 bit)