Our Company was incorporated in 1998 with the objective of providing computerized accounting services, customize solution, In House Software training and POS Equipment ,Accessories implementation of full office automation to start up businesses as well as established organization that desires fast, secure and accurate business tools to stay competitive.

The founder, Peter Low has prior to the setting up of this company been involved with several industry, namely trading, retail, construction, SME factory, servicing, clinic, motor workshop, building management, law firm and etc. during his involvement with these corporate businesses he has been personally involved with the setting up of various accounting control etc.

Mr. Peter Low sees a need for small enterprising businesses to have a properly trained professional consultant to help such businesses and compete with the best cost effective software solution and is ever willing to share his experience.


It is the Company mission to assist individuals and businesses owners to maintain and prepare accurate and timely account with the best software solution for better business returns and to help companies focus on business activities through the setting up of a reliable and dependable computerized support process/ system.

We can offer businesses the best cost effective management software solution.

Technical Resources

The Company understands that choosing the right business software solution can be a difficult decision because different industry requires different solution and even the same industry may have different needs. That is why, the founder will ensure that all his staffs be developed and trained professionally by its software developer partners, to provide the needed assistance in helping to choose the best business software solution for its’ clients. With the founder’s accounting experience, business acumen and the certified technical professional staff force, the company can provide its clientele not only the benefit of having the right software solution but the capability to maximize the values of its investment in IT.

We aim to help you get maximum returns of your IT investment from the best breed of software.